Путь сербии в европу по метафорам зорана джинджича - Научные исследования и инновации в Хабаровском крае
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Путь сербии в европу по метафорам зорана джинджича

Serbian (Slobodan Milošević had different political functions in the former Yugoslavia in the 80's and 90's. He was the president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia when he lost elections in 2000. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time, consisted of Serbia and Montenegro. In this article, only Serbia will be addressed.) politics changed noticeably after Slobodan Milošević lost power in October 2000. A new, different politician who spoke different political language took over and became Prime Minister in 2001. His name was Zoran Đinđić. As a politician, he was loved by some and hated by many during his political and economic reforms that lasted until his assassination on March 11, 2003. Energy, speed, knowledge and innovative use of political language were positive concepts connected with Zoran Đinđić. The aim of this paper (This is a pilot study preceding a bigger study that will include broader contextual analysis and analysis of other linguistic and semiotic resources used by Đinđić.) is to analyze the new conceptualization of Serbia and Europe and their relations through analysis of metaphors used by Zoran Đinđić in his speeches and interviews published in the book Put Srbije u Evropu (Serbia's Road to Europe) edited by Ivanović [2005]. The analyzed speeches and interviews were given in the period from 2001 to 2003. Analyzing metaphors in this paper is done using the critical metaphor theory developed within the cognitive linguistics paradigm. [Charteris-Black 2006; Chilton 2004; Klikovac 2004; Lakoff and Johnson 1980; Lakoff 1991; Musolff 2004].

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