"НАДЕЖДА": СЕМАНТИЧЕСКИЙ И КОНЦЕПТУАЛЬНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ - Научные исследования и инновации в Хабаровском крае
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The article focuses on the correlation of semantic and conceptual analysis having the same substantive as a target. The formulation of the problem is evoked by the fact that in contemporary investigations the notion of lexical meaning has practically been excluded. However, a so widely used term as “concept”, its content and the methodology for researching it despite its ample definitions, tends to be not so much inexplicable as not correlating with the notion of lexical meaning. The present research attempts to relate two possible types of analysis of nominative “hope”, using methods of denotative semantics and discourse analysis. The author makes the conclusion that lexical meaning is the basis upon which the conceptual content is developed. Conceptual content might become a reflection object of another consciousness that analyzes the world outlook of certain culture representatives. It is likely to name the third mental level as metaconcept. If semantic analysis determines the structure of lexical meaning on the basis of sintagmatic and paradigmatic relations of lexeme, and conceptual determines the value attitude of certain culture representatives to a situation named by a word appearing through discourse analysis, then metaconceptual analysis ceases to be linguistic. However, taking into account a comparison of conceptual essences, it can establish an unexpected relation of notions which construct the basis of culture representatives’ outlook: hope - fate.

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